EDC Wholesale becomes ONE-DC

EDC Wholesale will change its name as of January 2023 into ONE-DC. The Holland-based wholesaler previously changed the name of its platform and will now also change its company name to ONE-DC. “As a modern wholesaler, we are always looking ahead, seeking the best opportunities and chances to improve ourselves”,sSaid Eric Idema, CEO of EDC Wholesale. “With our international expansion and overseas ambition, it is time for a change. Last year, we changed the name of our platform and next year we are changing the name of our company. But we are staying close to ourselves. To make it easy for our customers we chose a name that sounds like EDC (when pronounced in English). ONE-DC will be the new name for our international ambitions, it’s short and easy and with the new name we are ready for the future.”

Starting Monday the 2nd of January 2023 visitors to the company’s platform will see the ONE-DC logo. Not only will the website be updated with the new name, but also the company’s social media platforms, newsletter, advertising, and other touch points will also be updated.