EDC Wholesale invests in new packing machine

EDC Wholesale has invested in a new packing machine, which had a successful test-run during the Black Friday madness. The machine has a capacity of 12.000 packages per day and makes each package the exact height of the products inside, which saves 46% air in the packages. This results in smaller packages, leaving more space in the trucks: 25% more loading volume to be precise.

Eric Idema, CEO at EDC Wholesale commented on the new investment: “The packing machine has a huge impact on our logistics operations. The machine can’t replace human brainpower. All our orders are still manually ‘picked’ as it is called, and also placed manually in the shipping boxes.The biggest impact that the packing machine has is lowering the workload. We can handle peak moments whistling, with our warehouse staff having extra time to focus on delivering quality. For example, by checking all orders and giving that little bit of extra love. We had our first huge peak moment during the Black Friday madness and we wouldn’t be able to ship as many packages as we did if it wasn’t for the packing machine that was running non stop all day.”

The packing machine has also an impact on the environment. Saving 25% of loading volume means a reduction of 100 tons CO2 on an annual basis. Customers also benefit from this investment, as they get an even better service. Products are packed more firmly, which means they are better protected along the way. Whether they are shipped to the retailers directly or dropshipped to their customers, they can rely on a secure delivery.

EDC Wholesale made a video, showing the packing machine in action: