EDC Wholesale nominated for Cross Border Top 30 List

For the second year in row, EDC Wholesale has been nominated for the Cross Border Top 30. Dutch companies that make it to this list are awarded for their business activities abroad.

EDC Wholesale has been active in Europe for several years and expanded its business activities to China in 2016 and have entered the US market in 2017. The Netherlands-based wholesaler has great success in its own country and abroud with its house brands EasyToys, Sway, MyMagicWand and Sinner Gear, offering a wide range of popular products in stylish packaging.

EasyToys is the first online shop for sex toys in Europe to deliver to China. The Dutch cross-border organization launched the webshop EasyToys.cn from which the Chinese consumer can order sex toys online and have them delivered home discreetly. The webshop is identical to the Dutch EasyToys.nl and offers a similar assortment of popular brands with high quality products, extraordinary designs and outstanding colors.

Recently EDC Wholesale started a new venture in the United States, partnering with Eldorado, one of the largest award-winning distributors, who took on the EasyToys Collection and will be selling the items to its American-based customers.

The Cross-Border Top 30, and EDC Wholesale’s position in this list will be revealed on September 6th.