EDC Wholesale team back on the road after lockdown

The EDC Wholesale team is back on the road to visit retail customers throughout Europe, keeping in mind the COVID19 regulations per country. The team is protecting themselves and the customers by wearing masks during each visit and also maintaining the social distancing rules. 

“We want to reach out to our customers personally as we can see and hear for ourselves how they are recovering after the lockdown”, commented Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “Each retailer has their own story on how they’ve overcome the lockdown period and we want to support them to get back on track during these tumultuous times.”

The EDC Wholesale team usually travels the world to visit customers, trade shows, and industry events as personal contact is a key factor in the sales approach of the Holland-based wholesaler. “We have had to change our sales strategy during the lockdown period as we were not able to travel, with the main priority of keeping everyone safe. Now that the corona restrictions have been relaxed, we are looking for more ways to connect with our customers. There are many options, like virtual product presentations, zoom meetings, personal visits to the shop, etc. We are flexible and willing to think along with the needs of our customers.” 

Contact your EDC sales representative to discuss the options to connect. For more information please visit www.edcwholesale.com or contact sales@edcwholesale.com