EDC Wholesale team returns home after successful show in Shanghai

The EDC Wholesale team returned home after exhibiting at the 2019 China Adult Care EXPO in Shanghai. Visitors got the chance to meet the company’s house brands, including the newest additions to the collection; Intome, Luv Egg and Good Vibes Only. 
“This was the second time we exhibited at the ADC Expo in Shanghai,” said Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “We were blown away by the size and professional organization last year and with this experience, we knew what to expect for this year’s edition of the show. We are very thankful for the support from the ADC team and the opportunity to expand our business internationally. We have met many familiar faces, but also many interesting new people who responded highly positive to the brands and products we promoted at the show.”

EDC Wholesale presented the house brand collections at the ADC Expo and the newest brands Intome, Luv Egg and Good Vibes Only. Intome is a line of intimate care products, to nurture, stimulate, delay, enhance or clean. “The visitors responded highly positive on Intome’s look and feel. We are happy to add this brand to our assortment and offering a more comprehensive collection. LUV EGG, a collection of 3 vibrating eggs, received positive responses on the powerful vibrations and the cute pastel tones and Good Vibes Only offers 12 vibrant sex toys with a happy vibe on the packaging design, which didn’t go by unnoticed by the visitors. The main feedback on this brand was that it looks fresh, young and appealing.”

“The overall impression of the ADC Expo was very positive, we can say that we had 3 fantastic show days. The ADC Expo organized a high-quality event and despite the cultural differences we still managed to have successful business meetings with the international visitors that we met during the show.” Visser concluded.