EDC Wholesale will place a harbor and silos for lubricants

EDC Wholesale starts with the construction of a harbor in the A.G. Wildervanck canal on the Phoenixweg. For faster shipping of large volumes of lubricant, the company places 3 silos on the canal behind the building, each with a capacity of 50,000 liters.
To minimize transport costs and guarantee faster delivery to retailers, the company will start constructing the port and placing the 50,000 liter silos on its own site at the A.G. Wildervanck canal, where boats can moor to release the large quantities of lubricant directly into the silos. The company installs the silos to handle a larger stock of lubricant and to deliver orders faster. Keeping large volumes in stock is both efficient and cost-saving for the Veendam company.
“There is a great demand for lubricant,” said Eric Idema, founder of EDC. “Due to long production times and high transport costs, we are forced to store large volumes on our own premises, so that we can provide customers with new stocks faster. Part of our warehouse is equipped with a filling machine, with which we can transfer the lubricants from the silos into the consumer packaging.”
EDC Wholesale is located in Veendam, on the Phoenixweg where the canal connects to the river Ems. Transport via water is very efficient and cost-saving from the location of the company, which is located directly on the canal.