Edge Delay Gel Tube

Edge now made in the USA

The Australian Delay Gel for Men Edge is now also made in the USA and will be officially launched at the forthcoming XBIZ Retreat in LA. Edge USA is made in the USA for the USA. The product is unlike traditional products in its category as its all natural and contains no lidocaine or benzocaine.

“We are very excited about the launch of Edge USA,” said Ann Reidy, marketing director of Australian company, Sensuous. “Edge has been a very successful product for us here in Australia where it is sold not only in most adult stores, but also in many pharmacies.” Apparently, the product can be applied a long time before any sexual contact and once effective the product lasts for several hours. “The product is extremely discrete,” said Reidy, “Once applied the product is effective for several hours, which means no fumbling with embarrassing sprays or gels during foreplay. Your partner doesn’t even have to know about it, in fact the only thing they will notice is how long you can go the distance. On top of that the product is non-numbing which means that you can actually feel normal sensations while still maintaining control.”

Ann Reidy will be showcasing Edge USA at the invite only, XBIZ Retreat from 9th to 13th January at ANDAZ WEST HOLLYWOOD, 8401 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.