Emojibator Screenshot

Emojibator launches video campaign for Masturbation Month

Emojibator, the creator of the eggplant emoji vibrator, wants more women to orgasm and feel comfortable talking about it. To celebrate International Masturbation Month, Emojibator is launching a video campaign to advocate for women’s equality in a place lagging behind their male counterparts: the bedroom.

Empowerment Feels Good

“Let’s close the climax gap” was penned after they discovered that women have 30% fewer orgasms than men. In addition, men are able to talk openly and candidly about masturbation while women report it as a hush-hush topic. The campaign is anchored in two digital videos, created in partnership with TERRI & SANDY, an independent and female-owned and operated advertising agency.

On the campaign’s purpose, Emojibator cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kris Jandler, said, “After 19 years of ignorance, my college girlfriends jokingly gifted me a candy-cane vibrator and forever changed my confidence as a woman. Emojibator’s laughter-inducing brand is uniquely positioned to disrupt our orgasm-shaming culture and educate women on their self-pleasure powers.”

Men Don’t Know

Jaime Jandler, cofounder and CEO added: “Orgasms are a fundamental truth of human sexuality that deserve to be celebrated. This campaign is our first step at spreading masturbation awareness and inspiring a new generation of sex positivity.” One video puts a twist on the female empowerment movement and the second approaches the climax gap from the male perspective.