Eva Lerbs holds pjur product training sessions in southern Germany

After the first press release announcing pjur’s intention to provide increased customer support as part of its “gives you more” campaign was published, the company’s phones were ringing off the hook. As a result, sales employee Eva Lerbs was soon on her way to southern Germany to visit the next group of pjur customers. These included EroticMarkt stores located on the A3, A4, A9 and A92 motorways and the Erotikmarkt store at Äußere Bayreuther Straße in Nuremburg.

“Some manufacturers tend to neglect smaller retail outlets in particular,” explains Eva Lerbs. “But it’s often here that you’ll find people who are extremely passionate about what they do and want to learn more.” This was exactly case at the motorway-based EroticMarkt branches and at the EroticMarkt store in Nuremburg. All participants keenly followed the presentation using the new pjur training folders. “The sales teams are much more confident about our products and how they can use their benefits in sales. They now know that there’s something for everyone in the pjur portfolio and are ideally equipped to recommend the best product to customers.”

“In this day and age, being able to provide good advice is crucial in retail,” adds Gaby Söllner from the Erotikmarkt at Äußere Bayreuther Straße. “So we’re delighted about pjur’s visit and the training folders provided. We’re all looking forward to using the little goodies we received too. I’d like to thank Ms. Lerbs for the fantastic training and her friendly approach. We all had a great time and learnt a lot as well. It’s a great way to learn about products!”