Extra discount and a social media campaign on EXOTIQ at EDC Wholesale

EDC Wholesales offers a 10% discount on its house brand Exotiq in the month of June. Customers can stock the sensual massage brand advantageous and have a chance to win extra Exotiq products with a retail value of € 1100 by participating in the social media campaign ‘show your shop’. Customers are invited to post a picture of their instore Exotiq presentation on Instagram with the hashtag #edcwholesale. Shops with the nicest or most outstanding presentation will have a chance to win the Exotiq prize.

“I’m always excited when I visit our customers and see the most creative presentations of our house brands,” said Andre Visser, International Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “I usually take a picture when I see a nice presentation of our house brand and share it with our team, but this time I thought it would be nice if the shops could inspire each other by posting their Exotiq presentation on social media. It’s important to add the hashtag #edcwholesale, so we can keep track of the online posts.”

EDC Wholesale created a tropical Exotiq presentation at the Shanghai ADC Expo in April, with bamboo, plants and tropical elements that are shown on the products. “These elements create an extra vibe that make the brand and products come to life in a presentation. It will boost the sales you give the brand a little extra attention,” added Visser.

The massage collection is perfect to set the mood and get into the moment. What better way to relax and start foreplay than with a sensual massage. The beautifully designed packaging has a mainstream look and feel, which makes it accessible to many different types of shops. The boxes and bottles are elegant with a tropical design and appealing names for every scent, like ‘Sensual Cherry’, ‘Soothing Jasmine’ and Bamboo Orchids’. The collection offers aromatic, kissable and neutral massage oils, Nuru gel, milk and massage candles with a comfortable melting point at 45 degrees Celsius.