First edition in-house event Intimate Wellness Expo

EDC Wholesale and Eropartner Distribution invited customers to the first edition of the Intimate Wellness Expo, which was held In EDC’s showroom in Veendam. Customers and suppliers came together during a 3-day event to exchange knowledge about product and market development. Business meetings in the showroom allowed both parties to connect and share their experiences and changes over the last two years.

“It was amazing to see our preferred suppliers and valued customers interact with each other for the first time in our showroom, which we opened in March 2020 but never got to use for its purpose until now,” commented Lennard Honebecke, Head of Sales at EDC Wholesale. “We had a perfect mix of business and pleasure to re-connect with our customers and suppliers. There was a great vibe throughout the event and we hope that everyone went home with more knowledge and inspiration than before they came to Veendam.”

The Intimate Wellness Expo brings together purchasers and business owners from the erotic industry to connect with suppliers and the wholesale teams to inspire, connect and share knowledge. This was the first edition of the Expo, but according to EDC Wholesale and Eropartner Distribution more editions will follow.

“Both customers and participating suppliers have shared some valuable feedback about the event, which we will integrate in the next edition. The goal of the Intimate Wellness Expo is to inspire and educate each other, to help grow businesses and the industry as a whole!” said Honebecke.