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Fleshlight takes action against fake products

Fleshlight recently took action against manufacturers of counterfeit products in South Africa. The constant monitoring of the market in all of its dimensions made it possible to detect and locate an important focus of commercialization of Fleshlight Girls fakes in South Africa. The goods – poor quality knock-offs — were sold both on the internet and to retailers. The actions carried out led to the removal and destruction of the fake products, as well as to an important change in the sales dynamics of the company in question, which is now purchasing original products.

“Fleshlight protects their Intellectual Property rights both worldwide and on the internet,” the company said in a press release. “Up to now, the strong measures adopted against counterfeiting have allowed us to eliminate thousands of offerings of fake goods on online platforms, websites, and to remove counterfeits from stores and warehouses located in industrial parks in several countries.”

Given the size of the company, the impact on the erotic sector in South Africa has been especially relevant, as said company provided supplies to a significant number of retailers in the country. On the other hand, actions are being taken in order to recover domain names that intend to give their websites the appearance of being ‘official’. Through said websites and by use of the name ‘Fleshlight’ on their domain name, they offer fake goods.

In addition, Fleshlight would like to highlight the elimination of more than 85% of infringing offerings of fake goods, thus avoiding the propagation of internet offers of this nature and achieving a strong dissuasive effect among infringers worldwide.