Free, neutral customer magazine: ‘Modern Emotion’ has become ‘justlove’! 

The first edition of the erotic lifestyle magalogue ‘justlove’ is now available. The ‘justlove’ magalogue will replace the previous free and neutral customer magazine ‘Modern Emotion’. The focus is on sexual wellness and sex positivity both visually and in terms of content. There are 40 pages full of exciting topics about the best pastime in the world.  
The first edition of ‘justlove’ is available in English and German. Specialist retailers can order the free neutral magalogue for erotic lifestyle so that they can pass it on to their customers. This A5 magalogue is perfect for customer retention:  
justlove Edition 1 > Spring / Summer 2022 (German),item number 09151570000 / pack of 50 
justlove Edition 1 > Spring / Summer 2022 (English),item number 09151650000 / pack of 50 
The new edition of ‘justlove’ is  now available as an online magalogue in the download area at Just download it and integrate it into your own online shop – to increase demand and sales.  
Are you interested in advertising your product in one of the next editions of ‘justlove’ so that you can promote it in an eye-catching way and reach your target audience? Then please get in touch with Claudia Jensen at ORION Wholesale, E-Mail: