Free, neutral customer magazine: The Christmas edition of ‘Modern Emotion’ with a special extra

The 47th edition of the free, neutral erotic magazine ‘Modern Emotion’ is now available. The magazine covers erotic lifestyle topics and has great shopping tips for customers too. 

The new edition is all about the Christmas season – with exciting kicks and toys for pleasurable me time and explosions of pleasure with a partner. The edition also includes a very special extra: a large X-MAS gift guide to make the Christmas period extremely pleasant and New Year’s Eve a real banger. 

There is also another highlight: the Christmas edition is available in German and English. Specialist retailers can order the “Modern Emotion” magazine for free so that they can give this handy magazine to their customers: 

Modern Emotion edition 47, Edition November / December 2021,  Item number 09140880000 / Pack of 25 

Modern Emotion international edition 2, Edition November / December 2021, Item number 09147890000 / Pack of 25 

The new edition of “Modern Emotion” is now available as an online catalogue in the download area at Just download it and integrate it into your own online shop – to increase demand and sales.