Free service for SCALA customers: Make your store more profitable

A good store styling and renewing assortments can increase sales. All customers are sensitive to atmosphere and it is important that the collection is presented in a commercial, but also in a creative and inspiring way. Especially now, in times of fierce competition from online sales, it is important for retailers to distinguish themselves. Styling gives the store identity and inspires the -returning- customer. This is more difficult to do online, but in the store, there are countless possibilities.

Retailers can send SCALA a photo or video of a corner in their store, which they are not satisfied with, or isn’t profitable enough. After receiving this photo or video, SCALA’s stylists will get to work. SCALA offers this service free to all SCALA customers, to keep these difficult times inspiring. 

SCALA is working with an experienced and well-trained team of stylists. They will give the store a completely new and inspiring look in no-time, with a profitable plan and without major investments. Contact SCALA’s sales team or your Account Manager and let SCALA help you!