From Sexy to Savvy San

When Sensuous decided late last year to invest in their own manufacturing plant in order to produce their own range of products, they had no idea that within a few months of opening they would be turning their expertise to meeting the high local demand for hand sanitizer.

After many years of using contract manufactures Sensuous had taken the decision to have full control of production, in order to meet the growing worldwide demands for their sexual health products. With new premises and an impressive multitude of fully automatic production equipment the plant went operational in February, but within a few weeks demand from a different source started to emerge. 

Managing Director, Keith Jones explains: “It was an extremely exciting step to open our own manufacturing facility but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that we would be producing anything other than our own products. I got back from the US in early March and on the plane, it was evident that even by then many more people were using a lot more hand sanitizer than you normally see. Within a few days of being back calls were already coming in asking if we could produce hand sanitizer.” 

The company decided to help out by producing bulk product so that customers could refill their bottles and be sure not to run out.

“We came up with the name Savvy San and produced it in 5ltr jerry cans and as soon as it was made we started to receive orders,” said Jones, “we sent the call out to our adult store customers and many came back with orders straight away, with one company immediately buying six.” 

The big question is, will the company be diverging completely? 

“Absolutely not. The sales of some of our best sellers such as Edge, Raging Bull and Frenzy continue to rise year on year domestically and internationally and we are very pleased that we now have our own facility to be able to react immediately to cater to small through large order demands.” 

If this was the case, we asked the company if they had any other products or plans in the pipeline.

“Well I don’t want to give too much away at the moment but what I can say is that hopefully in the not too distant future our new facility will be producing a brand new version of Raging Bull.”

For further information contact Sensuous on +617 5577 3590 or email