Fun Factory and FunToys come to agreement on GJack

The two independent companies FunToys LLP (FT) and FUN FACTORY GmbH (Fun Factory) have reached an agreement on the toy “Gjack” by FT. Both companies stated in a press release that it is not a toy of FUN FACTORY, although appearance and promised product characteristics combined with the name «Fun Toys» could lead to a confusion with the vibrator BiG BOSS of FUN FACTORY.

In order to prevent any confusion, the two manufacturers have agreed that the manufacturer FT will take the “Gjack” product off the market by the end of 2016. Both manufacturers are, however, in agreement that the remaining stocks of the “Gjack” product sold by dealers and other customers may be sold off until 31.12.2017.

In addition, FunToys LLP would like to draw attention to the fact that in the future it will only be present on the market under the “FT” brand.