GISELE expands its offering with 3 new strategic partnerships

Two years after its creation, Gisele is expanding its offerings to provide even more comprehensive services to its clients. 

Originally designed to serve as a strategic sales and marketing force for selected brands within the European market, Gisele has rapidly expanded to cover more geographic territories. Gisele acts now as the B2B sales team globally for Lora DiCarlo and Love Not War, while still focusing on the EU/K markets for Überlube. On top of these 3 long-term collaborations, Gisele had worked with Snail Vibe and Hot Octopuss on temporary missions. Having the chance to work with several brands enabled the team to identify common challenges that brands often face.“What we’ve realized is that most of the brands we talk with often look for support in three other strategic areas: Art Direction & Graphic Design, Brand-Retail Strategy and Warehousing solutions” says Lisa Sananes, CEO of Gisele.

It was then only obvious for Gisele to look for reliable partners, sharing the same ethical and professional standards, who could address these needs. Gisele is therefore joining forces with: 

  • –  Aguacate y Mango, led by Mapi Sahori, former Art Director at Bijoux Indiscrets. From branding to trade marketing and asset creation, Mapi captures the essence of the brands to showcase their products in the most appealing and impactful way. 
  • –  A Millions Ways, run by Coyote Amrich who helps emerging brands to optimize their portfolio and ensure it is retail-ready for a maximized impact. 
  • –  Steme 360, headed by Shaye Saldana, offers a 3PL solution to sensual wellness brands willing to expand in North America.

AGUACATE y MANGO was founded in 2020 and offers marketing and communication services, such as Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design and Events organization. Getting access, on a need-basis, to an experienced Graphic Designer who knows the industry codes (and constraints) is priceless for emerging and boutique brands. Mapi has already collaborated with Gisele on different projects, such as the new assets release for Überlube, some trade marketing materials for Lora DiCarlo and the rebranding of Snail Vibe. “Investing in marketing & design is only worth it insofar as the materials are used, seen, and understood. The collaboration with Gisele is particularly efficient in the sense that they act as a liaison between the brand’s vision and the retailers’ needs and feedback.“ says Mapi, CEO of Aguacate y Mango. 

STEME360 was originally founded as S.T.E.M.E. and known for their background in Sales Training, Education and Marketing. They quickly added other services to their offerings to eventually transition full time into warehousing and 3PL arena services in the USA for emerging brands that were looking for relationship based guidance as a path to growth for their brands. Continuously searching for power partners, STEME360 partnered with the dynamic Coyote Amrich and her firm, A Million Ways. January 2022 kicked off a new menu of services that could benefit emerging and established brands alike. With Coyote, a forward-thinking product and brand strategist with two decades of expertise, the team offers strategic consulting focusing on product assortment planning, line diversification, product development and sourcing, project management and market expansion. “Recognizing the power of this integration, it made sense to continue to seek power partners such as Gisele International to seek out opportunities to positively impact the market one client at a time.”, says Saldana, Managing Partner of STEME360. 

With these new partnerships, Gisele is aiming to offer a one-stop solution for the brands they work with by providing support at every step of the sales flow. “This expansion is the natural evolution of our offering and a strategic answer to our ‘lessons learned’. We are so happy to partner with such talented, dynamic and client-focused experts, who support our mission to accompany small and medium boutique brands on one hand, and independent retailers on the other.” says Lisa Sananes, CEO and Co-Founder of Gisele. Gisele, together in this new partnership, will continue to explore collaborations and execute strategy between Brands & Retailers in order to optimize the complete sales process. For more information on GISELE and to view the full range of services, visit