GLAMOUR Germany recommends pjur INFINITY

GLAMOUR Germany recommends pjur INFINITY in an article on its website, and names it the best personal lubricant currently on the market, breaking the mould for the typical look of adult products

In recent years, female empowerment has led women to focus on their own sexuality and sexual needs more. Personal lubricants are increasingly being discussed by women of all ages and featured more often in popular lifestyle magazines. Many aspects are addressed: what are the different types of personal lubricant out there? What is the right way to use personal lubri- cant? And which are the best personal lubricants?

With so much variety, it can be difficult to choose the right one, which is why GLAMOUR brought together the 12 best products currently on the market. Top of the list is pjur INFINITY water-based formula. The editorial team was impressed by both the quality and the contemporary look, which makes it the perfect accessory for any bedside table.

“pjur INFINITY expands the pjur portfolio with a luxury product: the usual pjur “Made in Germany” quality, but with an exceptional design featuring a contemporary, elegant look that speaks to customers looking for something special. And a growing number of editorial teams at large lifestyle maga- zines are impressed by that,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of pjur.

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