Gvibe is hiring: Sales Super Hero Wanted

Gvibe is one of the the world leading adult toys manufactures. Since 2011 they have been carefully designing, creating, producing their products and delivering orgasms worldwide. During those years they’ve been nominated and awarded by many well-known and famous industry experts for the best product and packaging design, modern innovations, the best female and couple toys, etc.
And they never stop, they always move forward to reach new goals.
Now they are looking for a sales representative.
“We’re looking for an active, creative and positive person, who can work with customer databases, knows how to build long and efficient relationships with B2B customers, communicate with different people, and take to this like a duck to water. Considering languages: English is a must have as well as at least one of EU languages (preferably Spanish/French/German). It doesn’t matter how old you are and what kind of diploma and passport you have: we definitely need your sales experience in our industry.
You will have to call/e-mail/visit our retail customers and distributors in the EU in order to increase sales volumes and Gvibe presence in their inventory; you will have frequent business trips to different parts of the EU; you will work closely with our brand ambassador to improve the overall efficiency. If you have a strong feeling you’re the right person for this position, but doesn’t match some of requirements mentioned above, feel free to e-mail us on mz@gvibe.com anyway,” the company says.