Woman lying on bed using the hi massager

hi full body massager will be presented in Jamaican resort

Women and Couples Wellness LLC, has announced that their first product – the full body massager hi – will be presented to interested guests at the Hedonism II resort in Jamaica. The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund hi. They describe their product as a “full body massager that’s uniquely designed for women’s bodies. Its patented method stimulates all of your intimate areas simultaneously.” According to Woman and Couples Wellness, hi is different from any other products on the market: “hi stimulates 5 intimate areas of your body at the same time. When it comes to reaching all these areas, for vibrators – size matters. You can’t do this with a wand, rabbit or anything else on the market.”

Hedonism II will be the first and only resort in the world to be certified to train women and couples on how to use hi massage systems. Starting October 17th through its spa, Hedonism II will offer classes where guests can learn to properly use the device, which not only helps relieve stress, but also allows women to rapidly achieve orgasm on their own or with a partner.