Hot Octopuss drops price of KURVE to €99.95

Pleasure is now even more accessible for first time G-seekers and internal toy users, with Hot Octopuss’ brand new, lower price for their best selling vulva toy. Now even more people can reach new orgasmic heights – every time.

 In 2021 Hot Octopuss released KURVE, the world’s first G-spot toy. With its patented Treble and Bass Technology™ designed to stimulate those hard to reach areas and so many functions, it’s become the Swiss Army Knife of sex toys for its loyal users.

The G-area is one of the most exciting, important and mysterious erogenous zones for women. While every woman has one and plenty of women already masturbate, 75% (1) can’t experience an orgasm from penetration alone.” says Hot Octopuss Co-Founder and COO Julia Margo. “And 80% (2) haven’t experienced a vaginal orgasm at all.”



KURVE is a toy Hot Octopuss designed with internal toy first timers in mind. The treble and bass motor configuration means you can completely customise and personalise your orgasm experience, and the soft gel tip and customisable vibrations make it ultra accessible – a beginners gateway toy, if you like. “We created KURVE to make sure everyone – even those who find internal toys intimidating, or those who find internal orgasms difficult – could find internal pleasure. Carefully engineered contours enables KURVE to target the G-spot with pinpoint precision, and a deliciously squishy tip ensures that the perfect pressure is applied” says Hot Octopuss co-founder Julia Margo. And in testing, 100% of users reached orgasm on the very first try. But unlike their users, Hot Octopuss still wasn’t satisfied. We’re thrilled with the results, but having a guarantee of pleasure isn’t enough to make the toy truly egalitarian” Julia says “It needs to be price accessible too.”

New KURVE pricing: €99.95 / £89.95 / $99.95