Hot Octopuss is launching a ‘Senior Sex Hub’

Contrary to popular belief, sexual intimacy and enjoyment is alive and kicking amongst the over 50s. A recent article by USA Today states: “Many adults aged 65-80 are having sex (and most are pretty satisfied)”. The article continues: “Sex is not just for the young: 40% of U.S. adults aged 65-80 say they are having sex — and even more of them, 73%, are satisfied with their sex lives”, the highest satisfaction rate out of any demographic. 

A topic often sidestepped, it turns out that this demographic is really into sex, so much so that award- winning, London-based sex toy company Hot Octopuss has decided to embrace this. Today it launches a dedicated hub designed to offer these sex-positive seniors a sexual wellbeing destination focused on their specific needs. 

Leading the charge and directing Hot Octopuss at every turn is world renowned ‘Senior Sexpert’ Joan Price, internationally acclaimed advocate for ageless sexuality, bestselling author, and now in-house senior sex expert and ambassador for Hot Octopuss. Joan said: “It’s about time that senior sex is brought out of the shadows and who better to do this than, in my opinion, the world’s most progressive and inclusive sex toy brand, Hot Octopuss?” She added: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Hot Octopuss on this exciting project. With my own dedicated ‘Ask Joan’ page, I will personally be there to offer candid advice to fellow seniors who have specific questions about better sex. From hot solo senior sex, to arousal and orgasm, to communicating better in a long-term relationship, no subject will be off-limits.” 

As well as providing candid advice from a world leading expert, the hub aims to be a one-stop-shop for everything senior sex, including in-depth coverage of topics such as post-menopausal sex, sex with ageing penises and vulvas, ED, arousal, orgasm and masturbation, as well as offering sex toy tips, suggestions and senior reviews. 

The Hot Octopuss Senior Sex Hub and Ask Joan pages can be found at and