How to reach out to last minute shoppers during a COVID-19 Christmas

Many have expressed that 2020 has felt like the longest year, but also somehow the fastest. Christmas has snuck up at high speed and whilst we know some of our customers are fully prepared, chances are there are far more people this year who have put off their Christmas shopping until the very last minute.

To help you capture these Christmas ‘panic buyers’, Jade Bawa, Sales Executive at Lovehoney B2B, shares her top tips that will help you guide customers to the perfect festive gifts for their loved ones.

• Time is of the essence – Last minute shoppers are time poor and want to complete their purchase with no time wasted. Keep your Christmas hero products in one, visible section in-store, so they can easily be directed there.

Since many shoppers are likely to be hitting the internet to Christmas shop this year because of COVID-19, help their decision-making by bringing your products to life on your website. Share clear photos and videos of your products, making it as easy as possible for them to see what they’re getting in each purchase.

• Promote gift sets – such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload Sweet Sensations Kit.

Shoppers like to know they are getting the most bang for their buck. Gift sets offer multiple products in one, easy purchase and are perfect for all experience levels. You can also use Christmas as the perfect opportunity to upsell smaller products at the till or checkout, giving panic buyers an easy way to bulk out their gifts further.

• Turn up the customer service – Panicked shoppers are likely to feel overwhelmed, so as well as wanting to be served quickly, they will want to feel cared for. Engage your employees in identifying panicked shoppers so they can navigate them around the store quickly and easily. 

When it comes to online shoppers, ensure customer messages are answered promptly and in detail. Leave customers feeling happy now and you’ll be better placed to see them return in the January sales.

• Spread the Christmas cheer – 2020 has been a tough year, and many are trying to make the most out of festivities this year. Creating a festive environment in your store or on your website will go a long way in making it more enjoyable for shoppers. 

Lovehoney are offering retailers complimentary festive branded T-shirts and baubles, to add some extra pizazz amongst your festive displays. Contact to make an order for your store in the final weeks until Christmas.