Industry veteran Farley opens Photography Studio

Farley, a former staff photographer for several major sex toy manufacturers, has launched a business specializing in photography and graphic design.

Co-founded by Farley and his wife, Lemon Squeeze Studio offers product and model photography, photo retouching, graphic design, and videography services.

Well-known in the B2B sex toy space, Farley brings over 30 years of experience to his photography and graphic design studio.

Farley is best known for photographing pleasure products and models for packaging and advertising, designing digital marketing materials, and shooting sex-ed and product training content for some of the industry’s biggest names in manufacturing.

He was formerly a staff photographer and digital artist for companies like Topco and Pipedream Products. Farley’s latest projects with Lemon Squeeze Studio include Sportsheets’ recently updated product / model photography, and modernizing the overall product photography and videography at Evolved Novelties.

Though Lemon Squeeze Studio has additional, extensive experience in mainstream design and photography, Farley aims to bring a special touch to adult product clients that only experience in the sex toy business can offer.

Having been behind the scenes in the production of an adult product from concept to final package, I’ve seen what it takes to develop an item. At the point of packaging, marketing, and selling, things greatly differ from mainstream products,” says Farley.

“There is an intimacy and a different way you need to connect to your customers that mainstream consultants may not realize,” Farley explains. “Additionally, there are some marketing challenges that adult companies may face that mainstream companies do not. At Lemon Squeeze Studio, we can help both experienced and novice sex toy brands to navigate the highly specialized and often tricky adult market.”

Lemon Squeeze Studio is located in Southern California with a full-service studio offering a model photography space, and two product photography rooms.

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