International Dreamlove celebrates its 15th anniversary

Friends, customers and suppliers will come together to celebrate International Dreamlove’s 15th anniversary on 4 November at an event that will also showcase the company’s new premises in Carmona (Seville). The event will celebrate the company’s fifteenth anniversary – fifteen years marked by Dreamlove’s commitment to its customers. The company founders Los Ceos, Mario Romero Molina and Miguel Angel Olid Ruiz will not only welcome the employees but also the customers who have accompanied Dreamlove during these 15 years at the celebration on 4 November. Actually, the celebration was supposed to take place in September 2021, but for obvious reasons it didn’t and is now being made up for -to coincide with the official opening of the new business premises and the 15th anniversary. Around 250 people are expected to attend the celebration. In addition to a lingerie show, there will also be speeches by Dreamlove managers and suppliers.

International Dreamlove affirms that its commitment to its customers begins every day with the opening of the doors and is focused on exceeding the expectations of its clientele and satisfying all their needs. This would not be possible without the employees, the company said. They are part of Dreamlove’s success, they say – professionals dedicated to providing the best service to their clients.

“Fifteen years is a long or short time, depending on how you look at it. They have been years of learning, developing, growing and thinking about the quality of products, innovation in logistics, the development of the e-commerce sector and ultimately sexual well-being,” explains co-founder and CEO Mario Romero Molina. “We are people who serve other people”.

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