International expansion course – FRÖHLE grows during the pandemic

In the first quarter of 2022, the German Fröhle product range, consisting of penis and vagina pumps, among others, will be sold in a total of 43 countries. “As a result of the Corona crisis, sales in Germany increased by significantly more than 100 percent, and international demand was enormous according to our wholesalers. We are therefore very pleased to have already reached the 43rd country listing in the first quarter of 2022,” company CEO Dennis Ramaty announced in Frankfurt with regard to the forecast for the full year 2022. Blanche Industries GmbH had acquired the pump manufacturer in 2018 and, after a transition phase of six months, had launched with a revised corporate strategy and an exclusive contract with ORION Wholesale. “Since 2019, we have been steadily expanding and have been able to extend our deliveries from the DACH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) region to now 43 countries,” he continued. Scandinavia and BeNeLux in particular were doing well. Since 2021, in addition to Orion Wholesale, wholesalers EDC, ST Rubber, MVW, Freedom Novelties and now also distribute products from Fröhle, which has once again fueled the expansion.

While many other industries have suffered from economic constraints during the pandemic, the crisis caused an explosion in demand at Fröhle – and internationally. “The more time that has passed since the pandemic began with lockdowns all over the world, the more sales our wholesalers have seen,” said company CEO Dennis Ramaty. According to the company, twice as many orders were placed with wholesalers such as ORION Wholesale and also ST Rubber – and the trend is upward. Bestsellers continue to be penis rings and vagina pumps, he said, but there has also been an increase in sales of lubricants and penis pumps.

Founded in 1986 by Rita Fröhle and Wilhelm Kannengießer, the German brand Fröhle has been manufacturing products to help men and women with intimate problems – and to have a stimulating effect – for over 30 years. Whether penis or vagina pumps, nipple suckers or penis rings – Fröhle’s products form the basis for a fulfilled sex life. Based on cupping therapy and combined with a vacuum pump, the first anatomically shaped aids were quickly developed and the product range was steadily expanded from then on. Over the years, the market became more competitive with competitors from China, but the loyal customer base still relies on the ‘Made in Germany’ range today.

Since the acquisition of the complete assets, brand names and patents in September 2018 and the accompanying rejuvenation of the brand, including streamlining of the portfolio and a 360-degree rebranding, business has been on the upswing, the statement added. Prior to that, founders Rita Fröhle and Wilhelm Kannengießer took a well-deserved retirement and Ramaty’s team made a promise to continue and develop the Fröhle brand along their lines. “We breathed new life into the brand and adapted it to the needs of a younger and more international audience – and it’s bearing fruit,” Ramaty said. The portfolio has been broken down and the product range slimmed down from 200 to 90 items – including spare parts. “At Fröhle as a whole, there has been ongoing positive development since the takeover, especially in the international context,” said Blanche Industries GmbH Group Chief Executive Dennis Ramaty.