Intome Disinfecting Spray sold out in minutes at EDC Wholesale

Within a matter of minutes, EDC Wholesale was sold out on its Disinfecting Surface Spray and Hand Sanitizer, shortly after these new items where available on the B2B website of the Holland-based company.

EDC Wholesale introduced two new items to its INTOME house brand collection, offering a range of intimate care products. In line with the current demand for hygienical products, the company developed the INTOME Hand Sanitizer Gel of 100 ml -to kill germs and bacteria to prevent the spread of germs. The gel comes in a practical bottle that makes it easy to dose- and the INTOME Disinfecting Surface Spray of 150ml to clean every hard surface hygienically to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Eric Idema, CEO at EDC Wholesale commented “We added these items today to our B2B website and saw how they got sold out in a matter of minutes. We had planned to add these items to the INTOME collection some time ago and we are excited to be offering them now that there is a high demand for hygienical products. I did not expect the entire stock to be sold out in a matter of minutes, therefore our team will change the restock plans and place a new order immediately in high quantities, which will be available in the next weeks.”

EDC Wholesale emphasized that the Disinfecting Surface Spray and Hand Sanitizer are not suitable for cleaning sex toys. The INTOME Hand Sanitizer Gel and INTOME Disinfecting Surface Spray are available to pre-order at EDC Wholesale and will be available to ship shortly. For more information, please visit or contact