2017 Penis Extender

It’s the season for New Penis Resolutions

Men will grow their penis with an average of 30% in length during the first 5-6 months of use of the penis traction devices from the MaleEdge and Jes-Extender. And many do choose the normal season for ‘resolutions’ to start the process of penis growth in January.

“Our penis extenders are of course not the normal gift to be considered under the Christmas tree for a man, and it´s mostly something that guys will want to purchase themselves directly. And this coupled with the ‘resolution season’ results in a higher sale of the first quarter of every year”, says Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner at Danalife & DanaMedic.

“Almost as a Christmas tradition sales ramp up considerably at the beginning of the Christmas holiday season – and continue throughout January, February and fades during March. We attribute this to the general ‘getting healthy’ and ‘I want to feel better about myself’ resolutions which are also almost a tradition for many men. Also we know this for a fact from the many direct contacts we have with our clients on our client-support-channels. We are of course offering a solution which at its core delivers permanent growth of the penis in length and girth, clinically documented and guaranteed. But also we are supplying as much a mental ‘growth’ and ‘feel-good’ solution for our clients. In a survey done at MensHealth we saw that close to 80% who considered buying a penis-extender would do it for what we have labelled the ‘locker room syndrome’.  They match up against other guys in the locker room after sports etc. much more than they are looking to be bigger for when having sex. Many of our resellers are aware of this already, and manage to focus their marketing and sales efforts accordingly, and have made sure to be stocked for the days just around the holidays. So December almost always ends our sales year on a ‘high’ so to say!“