Jimmyjane unveils the new LIVE SEXY Line of INTRO Vibrators at ANME

Jimmyjane is pleased to introduce LIVE SEXY, a complete line of modern, user-friendly vibrators that invites consumers of every experience level to enjoy Jimmyjane. LIVE SEXY is built on the foundation of Jimmyjane’s award-winning vibrator innovations. They offer some of consumers’ favorite FORMs and features, in a more simplistic presentation, offered at an approachable price point. The LIVE SEXY Line of Intro vibrators are designed to create a more accessible option to Jimmyjane pleasure for both novice and experienced users, alike.

LIVE SEXY will debut at the ANME show this week, and includes four “Intro” vibrators. Intro vibrators are battery-operated versions of Jimmyjane’s award-winning designs for the consumer looking for quality items in the mid-tier price range. All of the vibrators are waterproof, battery operated, made with body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and come with a one-year warranty. Jimmyjane looked to their proven, top-selling shapes and forms for the Intro line, which each have three speeds and three vibration patterns.

“We felt there was an opportunity to use what we have learned and all of our customer feedback to create a line that was more approachable in price, yet still kept some of the most sought after features of our top products,” said Robert Rheaume, President of Jimmyjane. “We are really proud of this line, and really excited to broaden our audience and bring the joy of Jimmyjane into bedrooms everywhere.”

“We invest a lot in designing each item for Jimmyjane. To be able to take this R&D process and leverage it into a mid-tier line is lending the premium design model for an entry-level product. The consumer is the one that wins,” stated Peter Caropelo, VP of Creative Development at Jimmyjane.

LIVE SEXY line of INTRO vibrators come in Pink, Purple and Blue.