Jimmyjane’s new LIVE SEXY line of INTRO Vibrators sells out

Jimmyjane has sold out of their newest introduction the LIVE SEXY series of INTRO Vibrators. The LIVE SEXY line is built on the foundation of Jimmyjane’s award-winning products. The new introduction features modern, user-friendly vibrators in the mid-tier price range that invites consumers of every experience level to enjoy Jimmyjane. Following a hugely successful launch at January’s ANME show and a showing earlier this month at Expo Mark, retail partners have embraced the line, believing it will bring incremental customers to the space. The line, which officially launches on March 28th, is now completely sold out!

LIVE SEXY takes inspiration from Jimmyjane’s flagship line of FORM Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrators. The line takes some of Jimmyjane’s best selling shapes and offers more simplistic versions of these designs at an approachable price point. The LIVE SEXY Line of Intro vibrators are designed to create a more accessible option to Jimmyjane pleasure for both novice and experienced users, alike.

LIVE SEXY includes four “INTRO” vibrators that are battery-operated and come with three power levels and three vibration modes operated by one button. All of the vibrators are waterproof, made with body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and come with a one-year warranty. All of the products in the line are approachable in price. Live Sexy was created for the consumer looking for quality items in the mid-tier price range.
“Not every consumer that walks into a store necessarily knows what sensation or shape they are looking for, or are the might not be ready to invest in a premium product for their first experience,” said Robert Rheaume, President of Jimmyjane. “We feel the LIVE SEXY gives these consumers an opportunity to enter the world of Jimmyjane, and experience the quality and design that has made the brand an industry leader.”
LIVE SEXY will be back in stock and ready to ship from Jimmyjane’s US warehouse April 15th. Customers who are interested in purchasing the line can contact their sales rep or send an email to sales@jimmyjane.com.