JOYDIVISION: Important information on the current corona situation

JOYDIVISION has published a statement in which the company sets out its approach to the corona crisis. Below is the full text of the letter:

Dear business partners,

Corona presents us all with completely new challenges. And that worldwide. JOYDIVISION do everything to respond to Corona. In order to meet them in the best possible way, we focus on making sensible decisions in the conflict between responsibility for the health of our employees and maintaining our ability to deliver, by continuously assessing and weighing up the current situation.


Our employees (some of them are currently working in the home office) and are still available for you.

Every employee can be reached by email.

By phone, if the employee is currently working in our office. If you cannot reach a member of staff by phone, please write him/her an email so that he/she can call you back immediately.

Meetings with business partners

Due to the highly infectious time we are currently unable to hold meetings with business partners. Of course, however, we would be happy to arrange meetings via Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Availability of goods

Our general availability of goods is currently ensured, because all our products are Made in Germany.

Of course, we do everything in our power to meet notified delivery dates.By placing your orders with an extended lead time, you can contribute to the improvement of our readiness to deliver. In view of the current negative development of the delivery situation with regard to raw materials, this gives us the opportunity to react early on to any scarce availability, or even delivery problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

Anti-Corona disinfectant available

We would like to draw your special attention to JOYDIVISION’s clean’n’safe, which – as the only toy cleaner – even protects against Corona viruses! clean’n’safe should not be missing in your assortment! Due to the current situation, demand is extremely high and availability is limited. If you order now, we will deliver immediately – if currently available – alternatively as soon as possible, as we are permanently producing more.

Please stay healthy!

Oliver Redschlag (CEO)