JOYDIVISION top sellers now in 360-degrees view

For over 25 years, JOYDIVISION international AG has been presenting itself at its best and now also in 360-degrees. Intuitive and emotionally appealing, end customers can view the JOYDIVISION top sellers from all sides and convince themselves of their quality. The elaborate 360-degree image material is based on a holistic marketing strategy and provides optimum sales support for online retailers, as 360-degree images make the purchase decision much easier. From now on, all retailers have the opportunity to download the 360-degree images and use them royalty-free for their own online shops.

The following lifestyle brand articles are available in 360 degrees

  • AQUAglide – Europe’s most popular lubricant brand (in the erotic market)
  • BIOglide – The world’s first 100% natural and only CO2-free lubricant gel
  • Soft-Tampons – The world’s most popular threadless soft tampons
  • WARMup – The massage liquid with heat effect in food quality

The trade in particular benefits from the image material that is always kept up to date in the BusinessLounge. The constantly new content offers attractive added value, which is why it is advisable for retailers to visit