Katy Perry dances with popular sex toy in new music video

US popstar Katy Perry has just released the music video for her new song ‘Woman’s World’, in which she is seen dancing with a Womanizer Premium 2, in a powerful celebration of female sexuality

Womanizer is a leading brand in women’s sexual wellness, empowering women all over the world to explore their sexuality. In its mission to remove the taboo around female masturbation, the brand has been spearheading open dialogue around the topic for the last decade. In the latest effort to remove the taboo, its bestselling Premium 2 is portrayed as a signifier of female power and pleasure in Katy Perry’s latest music video ‘Woman’s World’.

With her new empowering song, Katy Perry praises women all over the world in different life stages and calls everyone lucky to be living in a woman’s world. The video turns common male clichés on their head while Katy Perry pulls a Womanizer from her tool belt, celebrating female sexuality.

“We are so excited to see our Womanizer products being featured in Katy Perry’s new song. This song not only celebrates women in all their different roles and life stages but empowers them to live their lives without expectations or pressure. With Womanizer, it is our mission to empower women to embark on their own journey of discovering pleasure and sexuality without social stigma.” explains Verena Singmann, Head of PR at Womanizer.

In 2020, Womanizer announced a collaboration with the British singer and song-writer Lily Allen. The successful #IMasturbate campaign challenged existing assumptions and myths about female sexuality, raising awareness for sex positivity and female masturbation.