Kick-off at Dorcel: Orgie Company resumes on-site training sessions

The Orgie company is gradually resuming its on-site training sessions for its customers. It kicked off with a long-planned 5-day Dorcel tour that began at its headquarters in Paris and then moved on to its stores in Le Mans, Tours, Angers, Nantes and Bordeaux. “The Dorcel tour finally happened after a couple of postponements due to the pandemic’s highs and lows, we finally made it and it was a great comeback to presential trainings. Aside from being more effective (and fun!) trainings than online lessons or webinars, stores are where we get the most interesting questions about our products, learn how we can improve our POS support, how our products are going, consumers feedback and preferences, and get some great suggestions either for Orgie products on the shelves and for development of new products. It’s brainstorming together and that’s only beneficial for both sides. Retailers are the bridge between our brand and consumers, so both sides benefit from our training. In every Dorcel store we visited, we met professional employees who strive to make their store a perfect shopping experience for their customers. Their attention and willingness to deepen their knowledge of our products more than convinced us,” explains Raquel Shaw (Orgie Company).