refreshes brand & website for 2021

sex-ed and relationship advice resource has re-launched with a fresh brand aesthetic and completely re-designed website.

Originally debuted in 2012, Kinkly now contains over 2,000 articles on sexuality and sex toys, dating and relationships, and kink and fetish play and over 3,000 definitions in the website’s sex dictionary

Company co-founder and editor-in-chief Tara Struyk says overhauling Kinkly’s entire website was a huge undertaking, but well worth the outcome of better functionality and navigation for readers. “It just works better and things are easier to find,” said Struyk. “I think we’ve always wanted Kinkly’s aesthetic to be approachable and fun as well as relatively SFW in terms of its design. The new design aims to maintain that in a more modern way.”

Kinkly readers are greeted with a new logo and thoughtful color scheme upon arrival; a look that Struyk says was intentional down to the last detail. “We updated the logo and colors to be a bit more gender neutral,” said Struyk. “Slightly more than half of our visitors are men, and we think great sex should be on the table for anyone and everyone.”

Kinkly’s homepage also aims to better showcase the very best of the site’s content, like a list of searchable, customizable sex positions and one of the web’s most comprehensive sex dictionaries. “The redesign is a move toward organizing all that good stuff; something we’ll be continuing to work on and improve in the coming months,” Struyk explained. “We want a visit to Kinkly to be fun and engaging. We want to not only help people find what they’re looking for, but also maybe introduce them to something new.”

Struyk pointed to Kinkly’s sex positions section as a great place to test drive the site’s improvements. Struyk said that while immensely popular, this section was most in need of an update. This interactive guide now loads faster, filters content more effectively, and better educates readers on exciting sex positions across myriad categories. The company assures, however, that their mission “to educate and promote conversations around sex that may not be happening and provide a space for people to discover new things, ” as Struyk said, will remain mostly the same.

“I think we are taking a closer look at what that means today, because things have really changed over the years,” concluded Struyk. “The pleasure space’s growth and vibrancy is something we’d like to cover and align with more in the coming year.”

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