Klaus Lennard Pedersen resigns from MaleEdge and Jes-Extender

Klaus Lennard Pedersen has decided to move on and pursue new venues in the Adult market space, after 14 years as Managing Partner/Co-Founder with DanaLife (MaleEdge) and joining DanaMedic (Jes-Extender).

“Why this move? In short, my business partner and I do not agree on strategy and tactics for further growth and developing the companies and brands in the coming years”, Klaus commented. He continues to retain his ownership and shares in Danalife, however, this will be in a non-executive capacity. “We part ways in a mutual understanding of this, I retain my ownership and shares in Danalife but will not have any working role in the companies anymore. The timing is right now, and as such I choose to move on to new ventures. The future holds many positive options for the adult/sensual sector, with a projected continued annual growth rate of +10% reaching an estimated +50 billion USD in 2026, up from 29 billion in 2020. This trajectory allows for both existing adult businesses to grow drastically if managed correctly, and for new business to enter the Adult space. My focus will be to work and scale business with companies who are set for the aggressive growth years ahead”.

Klaus mentioned that “the journey with our companies has been great! Managing and building our brand Maleedge from A to Z … from what was just a 2nd generation product idea back in 2006, taking it via product development over global patenting to market introduction in 2009. And successfully achieving our global rollout both as a BtC web brand and as an award-winning Adult BtB resale brand listed with and backed by distributors and retailers. We have established a successful positioning as the global market leader in permanent penis  growth.  Alongside this we also positioned the Jes-Extender into adult, having been mainly a medical sector product/brand. Adult trade and online has understood and accepted our position of being the ‘here-only option’ for permanent penis growth, alongside other strong penis product options for ‘fun here and now’ and ‘intermediate’ but not permanent growth effect”. 

You can be reached at  kp@klauspedersen.com