Lea-Sophie Cramer steps aside as CEO of AMORELIE

After seven years, Lea-Sophie Cramer, founder of AMORELIE, has decided to step aside from her role as CEO at the end of 2019. She will continue as a Member of the Advisory Board and keep her shares in the company. Lea-Sophie Cramer will be succeeded by Claire Midwood, Apple Managing Director and longtime adidas Brand Manager. Claire Midwood joins AMORELIE with over 20 years of retail experience. For the last two years she has worked as Managing Director Channel at the Apple Headquarters and spent her energy devising how the world’s most valuable and recognizable brand turns up globally in its non-owned channels. She also oversaw the Apple customer journey globally within the indirect retail channel in both the digital and in-store environments. Prior to joining Apple, Claire Midwood committed herself to promoting and protecting the adidas brand for 20 years. One of her career highlights was conceptualizing, launching and building the adidas NEO brand from zero into a USD 1.2 Billion brand within seven years.
At the end of 2019, Lia Grünhage, CMO and Managing Director will leave AMORELIE after 5 years, starting her own company to destigmatize and facilitate access to fertility treatments, such as social freezing. Uwe Glander, former NuCom Group Director and interim CCO at AMORELIE since April 2019, will take on a permanent position within the company as CCO and Managing Director. Talip Yenal stays on as CFO and Managing Director. Claire Midwood and Uwe Glander will commence as Managing Directors on November 1st, 2019. Lea-Sophie Cramer hands over the CEO position as of January 1st, 2020.

Lea-Sophie Cramer CEO of AMORELIE: “After seven years of building AMORELIE, I am most proud of the outstanding team, our unique culture and the dynamic and diverse company we built. With AMORELIE’s mission to grow great relationships we disrupted an entire industry and repositioned your love life as a natural part of everyone’s lifestyle.
My decision to leave the executive ranks is neither rash nor recent. I always wanted to leave, when everything in me actually tells me to stay! But bold decisions made me into who I am today and will continue to be my driving force in the future. I have decided to take a year to invest in myself, broaden my horizons and learn. I am convinced that the AMORELIE team and company will thrive under the experience and leadership of Claire. She is an outstanding cultural fit and a true bar-raiser for AMORELIE. We are already communicating constantly, and I am thrilled to work with her in my new role to expand our mission globally.
Furthermore, I want to thank Florian, Co-CEO of our investor NuCom Group, for his continuous, rock-solid support and the good times we had developing AMORELIE. Our company benefitted a lot from the trustful partnership with NuCom Group who provide a great environment for their portfolio assets to grow.
I congratulate Lia on her exciting opportunity. I will forever cherish working side-by-side with her for the past five years and continue to be impressed by her iconic marketing campaigns, gritty work attitude and exceptional analytical and visionary skills. She will go far and I will be cheering her on from the sidelines. I am proud that AMORELIE itself has become an incubator for future founders, which shows the quality of people and entrepreneurial spirit we have until this day.
I am also very happy that Uwe stays on as AMORELIE’s CCO and Managing Director. I have the utmost confidence in my fellow partners-in-crime to continue the exciting growth story of AMORELIE.”

Claire Midwood, designated CEO of AMORELIE: “I am beyond excited to join the AMORELIE team and lead the company. There is tremendous opportunity to evolve the love making industry and I am hungry to stretch the boundaries, expand our global mission and continue to positively shape the conversation around the topic of the whole body health.
Lea and her team have built an outstanding culture and company with a shared goal to put the human at the center of everything the company does. When I experienced the vibe and culture of the team for the first time, it was a case of love at first sight. With two decades of experience in retail as well as brand building, I look forward to contributing to AMORELIE’s next chapter.”

Florian Tappeiner, CO-CEO of NUCOM GROUP: “Lea’s vision and vigor in building AMORELIE has been exceptional. As founder and CEO, she has overseen the creation of an international multi-channel market leader that is operating in 15 markets and has grown tremendously. We are very glad that she will remain on board on this exciting journey in a strategic advisory role. Furthermore, we are very grateful to Lia who always went the extra mile for AMORELIE and we wish her the very best for her new endeavor.
With her vast expertise in successfully developing and running globally renowned brands, Claire Midwood is an outstanding fit to take AMORELIE’s dynamic growth to the next level and tackle important topics including internationalization, consolidation and scaling.”