Leg Avenue looks back on a successful 2016

Leg Avenue announced that 2016 was successful year for the company. “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do,” the company said. “This quote explains the reason of Leg Avenue’s success. The brand is a dynamic company always ready to adapt to client’s needs, consumer desires, and latest trends. In fact, the brand sets trends itself. Leg Avenue is the leading brand when it comes to all things feminine, sexy, and unique. With this desire to always innovate, Leg Avenue knows how to keep improving itself.”

The European branch has shown a continue and steady growth in the past four years: “The company has been rising to the top and never experienced a kickback. In 2016, the company invested a lot in the improvement of their services. Its multi-lingual sales team consists of hard-working star members with a personal approach and the right amount of guidance in buying, sales, and marketing. The indoor sales team is always available for questions and assistance with services such as a real time XML feed.”

The company recently expanded its warehouse capacity in Europe by adding split floors to store more products. Joyce Mallo from Leg Avenue says: “We have to answer our clients demands and our previous warehouse setting got too small for that. With the new split levels we are able to stock more products and deliver faster.”

One of the responsibilities of the European branch of Leg Avenue is the European branding: “The company invested in several public relations, and this hard-work shows off. Leg Avenue’s American exposure is already huge, but the European exposure is growing day by day. Leg Avenue cannot only repeatedly be found in well-known printed magazines, but is also widely visible on the internet and in particular social media. Bloggers, celebrities, influencers and women all over the world love and share Leg Avenue.”

Over the past few years the European branch of Leg Avenue has established itself as a training company for students. Joyce Mallo says: “I myself started as an intern at Leg Avenue, the guidance and high level of education is truly excellent. The employees at Leg Avenue all have a heart for the company, and have a lot of knowledge on how to run it. It was a very positive experience to learn from the best”. She adds: “Leg Avenue believes in the innovation students can bring into a company. This is priceless, their minds give a fresh new look”.