Legal adaptation of the threadless Soft-Tampons and SexMAX Hot Lady Sex-Tampons

Due to the current legal change for the top seller Soft-Tampons as well as the Hot Lady Sex-Tampons (SexMAX series), JOYDIVISION has adapted the packaging. New images are available for download in the JOYDIVISION BusinessLounge at

According to the EU Single-Use Plastic Labelling Regulation, labelling is mandatory for our tampons, like 99% of all conventional tampons, sanitary towels, wet wipes etc. From 01 July 2021 at the latest, JOYDIVISION will only supply Soft-Tampons and Hot Lady Sex-Tampons for sale in the EU with the new labelling. However, stocks may be sold off.

It is important that retailers replace the previous image material in their online shop with the new one, which will have the now prescribed labelling, by 30 June 2021 at the latest! Otherwise they could be warned off.

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