Leroy Klunder is SHOTS newly appointed Swiss Navy Brand Ambassador

M.D. Science Lab and SHOTS have announced the appointment of Leroy Klunder to serve as international Brand Ambassador representing the iconic Swiss Navy brand. 

Beginning in May 2021, Swiss Navy and SHOTS joined forces, making SHOTS the exclusive distributor for the M.D. Science Lab family of brands throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. 

“We knew we needed someone familiar with how retailers and businesses work here in Europe when we formed our exclusive partnership with Swiss Navy,” said Hein Schouten, Sales Director for SHOTS. “Leroy immediately came to mind since he has the ideal background to help our customers—and to represent Swiss Navy. Leroy will be unveiling some great marketing opportunities along with the Swiss Navy products. We have a lot of exciting plans in the works.”

SHOTS has begun offering Swiss Navy branded products to their extensive distribution network while Leroy has been intensively training with the Swiss Navy U.S.-based team. 

“I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from our partnership and I’m looking forward to helping our future plans come to life,” said Klunder. “I believe that together we can bring a higher standard of products, service, and resources to our international customer base. We know our customers and their opinions matter. We’re excited to give them more ways to increase their sales and expand their marketing opportunities.”

Klunder will also be working closely with M.D. Science Lab’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Briana Watkins. “I’m so pleased that Leroy will be our SHOTS/Swiss Navy Brand Ambassador. I liked Leroy from the moment we met, so I know retailers will adore him too. And he is the perfect choice to help both our teams launch all the new sales and marketing initiatives that we’re busy working on. Keep on the lookout for more exciting announcements coming soon!”

SHOTS customers, new and existing, can already contact their current account manager to set up future meetings and product trainings with Klunder himself. Once Klunder is settled into his new role as Brand Ambassador, he will be reaching out to everyone to confirm meetings and product training appointments, as well as offering ways he can provide direct assistance to SHOTS customers. 

Please feel free to welcome Klunder via email at leroy@SHOTS.nl.