Lingox announces its expansion as Chemical Industry

The new line of business consists in the introduction into the market of completely new materials that have never before been seen in the sex toys industry. Lingox, Chemical Industry registered in Economic Activities in Spain, has developed two new formulas of materials for use in the industry of the adult toy sector for both women and men. The new formula is called FORMULA HEALTHY ECOLOGICAL-NATURAL MATERIAL.

The ECOLOGICAL-NATURAL formula is a new concept developed with different Organic Oils. This formula is born with the goal to manufacture products in a more natural way, using materials of natural and ecological origin, beneficial for the skin. These materials are not only harmless and suitable for skin contact, but also contain organic elements that are beneficial for the skin.

“We have achieved this industrial advancement by developing materials that are formed with natural organic oils and of ecological origin,” Lingox said in a press release. “During this 2018, we already present the first material in the world to produce erotic toys made with VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.” Now the company presents and expands their new ECOLOGICAL-NATURAL materials HEALTHY MATERIAL to manufacture feminine and masculine toys:

  • Material with VIRGIN OLIVE OIL
  • Material with JOJOBA OIL
  • Material with ARGAN OIL
  • Material with MUSK ROSE OIL
  • Material with COCONUT OIL

These oils contain numerous benefits for the skin, which means that products made with these materials follow the most current line of consumers for a healthier life, getting to offer healthier products in the market, in tune with a healthy lifestyle. “At the moment we are developing new formulations that will expand this list and include materials with more exotic oils and from different parts of the world.”