Lingox Triple Extreme Masturbator

Lingox announces the launch of its new range of masturbators

Lingox announced that its new collection of masturbators is about to be released internationally within the next month.  Although it´s still too early to bring forward the name and design of the new range of sex toys developed by the Spanish brand, Lingox described the new items as “high quality products with spectacular design, maintaining its standards of exclusivity, innovation, functionality and of course being products 100% made in Europe”. The company presented the re-usable Lingox Poker sleeves and the Lingox Triple Masturbator a few months ago.

“They will be new masturbators designed primarily for men, but keeping with our company philosophy, they may also be used by couples or as the user desires, since Lingox is the only one that has been able to equip our male masturbators with a new feature never seen before in the market of sex toys for men”, says Lingox CEO, Manuel Martín.

“I´m afraid I can´t reveal too much about these new products, but I would like to emphasize that these are products of the highest quality, manufactured with our exclusive formula Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox and absolutely they will offer more freedom of choice for our customers. I am quite sure that we will surprise again to the consumers and professionals,” Manuel Martín explains.

Finally, the Lingox CEO promises that they “will continue offering new models of our exclusive mouth with tongue out, reproducing the authentic oral sex, which makes us really different, because as only Lingox can say: Oral sex without a tongue…simply is not oral sex!”

The new collection will be available before Christmas and Lingox announced that more details will be released in the in the coming weeks. Lingox can be reached through their consumer and b2b website. They can also be contacted at

(Picture shows the Lingox Triple Extreme Masturbator, available since last spring)