Lingox presents masturbator Vigor made of Organic Natural Gel

LINGOX has presented Vigor, a masturbator for men designed to improve and promote an optimal sexual health. It is soft and silky, made of Organic Natural Gel, an innovative and exclusive material created by LINGOX and manufactured 100% in Europe. Manufactured with medical grade materials and organic oils of vegetable origin, which provide hydration and softness to the skin during use.

The Organic Natural Gel used for the manufacturing of Vigor also contains Antimicrobial and Antibacterial agents. It is latex-free, non-toxic and of course suitable and safe for skin contact. These gels release a pleasant aroma to get a complete sensory experience.

“A frequent use of Vigor can improve sexual performance, combating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in a more natural way,” Lingox adds in a press release. “Very beneficial for couples, since performing exercises with this device in a pleasant and fun way, alone or in couple, can reach a significant increase in the duration of sexual relations.”

Vigor is available now for Distributors from now on.