Lingox presents self-lubricating iMaterial

In a search to create new and different materials to what currently exists in the market, Lingox have developed a material that can be used to manufacture feminine and masculine products, which they call “INTELLIGENT MATERIAL”. It’s called “INTELLIGENT” because it is always ready to be used, without using any type of lubricant, water or any other type of natural or artificial lubrication. According to the manufacturer this material is always lubricated by itself.

The INTELLIGENT material is continuously self-lubricating. This is achieved with a material that generates continuous lubrication by itself, without the need to be manipulated or activated by the users. “Imagine a male masturbator, like the natural lubrication of women when excitement occurs and moistens, this masturbator is continuously “excited” or rather is continuously “wet / lubricated” and always ready to be used,” Lingox said in a press release. “Also in the case of a dildo, with this material ‘INTELLIGENT’, the dildo is always lubricated, without the need to apply any type of lubrication, and always ready to be used!”

These new formulations open a new line of business within the industry. These materials HEALTHY MATERIAL and iMATERIAL allow different degrees of hardness from very low to high degrees of hardness, allowing to use these two materials for the manufacture of feminine products and masculine products. Lingox have even developed the double density, applying in the same product, different degrees of Shore hardness.

“As we all know the sector of adults toys, is saturated with male and female products, this makes it increasingly difficult to innovate,” Lingox said. “The brands and manufacturers focus on continuously generating new product designs, but each time, the designs are more similar to each other, and the competition is getting more savage.
In the search for a “lifeline” within this ocean saturated with products and price war, in our chemical industry, we have focused on the development of two totally new formulations that do not exist in the market. The only way to be “exclusive and different” is to create the future in the present!”

Lingox as Chemical Industry, makes these new formulations available to manufacturers and brands and even offers the possibility of the global exclusivity of these innovative materials.