Lovehoney B2B extends mainstream offering with Superdrug

Lovehoney B2B is extending its mainstream retail offering by stocking a range of sex toys online and in-store with Superdrug.
The sexual wellness company hopes that the partnership with the leading health and beauty retailer will introduce a fresh new audience to the brand and promote happier sex lives.

The new move from Lovehoney is another example of the mainstream acceptance and availability of sex toys, which is now an unstoppable market worth billions. Lovehoney first embarked into the mainstream market in 2019 and sees it as an important priority for the business. These retail advances, alongside flourishing market growth, demonstrate that sex toy positivity is gaining widespread mainstream traction.The Superdrug range includes four products which are aimed at users of all levels, including those who are brand new to sex toys, with the underlying theme of sexual wellbeing. Customers will be able to purchase the below items online and into 433 stores from Superdrug, all following an eye-catching bright colourway at an affordable price point for users of all experience levels:

Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Bullet Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Finger Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring
Lovehoney Excite Silicone Pleasure Balls

Sarah Poole, National Account Manager at Lovehoney, comments; “We are hugely excited to have launched into Superdrug and this is a significant step for Lovehoney. It’s no secret that sex toys are becoming increasingly more mainstream and accessible and people are becoming more comfortable in buying them, helping healthier, happier sex lives be more accessible too!”