Lovehoney featured on BBC Worldwide

Neal Slateford, Co-Founder of Lovehoney, featured yesterday on BBC Worldwide Show ‘Talking Business’. Slateford, currently in New York for the Broad City Pleasures Collection Launch, discussed the monumental growth of the global sex toy industry as well as mentioning the new collaboration with Comedy Central live on air.

Host Aaron Heslehurst discussed how mainstream the industry has now become, and how a once ‘niche’ industry is now set to peak by more than $50 billion by 2020.

Slateford commented: “If someone like Comedy Central is willing to partner with us, it just shows you how mainstream this category is becoming. We set out to make a world class shopping environment that was non-sleazy, educational and most of all fun. It’s actually couples who are having a whale of a time in the bedroom. It’s women who are buying – 70% of our customers classify themselves as being in long-term relationships.”

Heslehurst also commented on the fact that the Fifty Shades Effect was an important factor in making the category more mainstream, with Slateford agreeing that it had undoubtedly provided a ‘boost’ to the industry with over 3 million units of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection sold worldwide.

To watch the clip visit here.