Screenshot from Lovehoneys TV Spot July 2016 with rabbits

Lovehoney has launched a new TV ad campaign

The new Lovehoney campaign aims to ‘raise lots of smiles’ and drive ambitious international growth. It features bonking furry rabbits, cheeky spanking with a fly swatter and a happy, satisfied couple crashing on a bed in a post-coital glow. The one thing you don’t see is a sex toy – due to broadcasting restrictions.

It was cleared to be shown on British TV after the 9pm watershed when more adult content is permitted. Lovehoney was the first sex toy company to advertise on TV in the UK. Its previous ads, featuring couples talking about their positive experiences shopping at Lovehoney, have helped boost annual sales to £55 million and profits to increase by 79% to £3.7 million.

But the Bath-based firm’s new Brand and Marketing Director Helen Balmer identified through research and insight, that UK consumers are ready for a new approach for talking about/considering sex toys. The aim is to convert the millions of adults currently considering buying sex toys into Lovehoney customers with ads celebrating the fun sex toys can bring to a relationship along with Lovehoney’s excellent customer service and discreet packaging.

The ad started showing on British TV on July 21. Balmer, appointed last October, said: “Following an extremely high quality pitch process, we appointed Brave.
We selected Brave because they really got our market, our brand and applied our insight. They developed a brilliant creative which is totally on brief and brand. When we tested the concept with consumers they loved it, describing it as exciting, humorous and playful. It’s a little bit cheeky and is really getting talked about. Everyone who has seen it ends up with a big smile on their face.”