Lovehoney launch virtual training via Facebook Live

Lovehoney B2B are offering virtual training sessions via Facebook Live and Zoom, to keep retailers up to date with new products and their features, as well as brand training or refresher courses.

The newest mode of online training from Lovehoney is via Facebook Live, and the first session took place on the 10th June on SPAM (Sex Professionals and Manufacturers), which is a Facebook group created by Megan Swartz from the Deja Vu store in Las Vegas. The group acts as a resource for retailers to receive up to date information and training. 

The training session covered Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit and Fifty Shades Of Grey collections, including new launches and bestsellers. The video is available for playback from the platform and Lovehoney representatives are offering to schedule further training with retailers directly upon request (please email

In light of the COVID-19 disruption, a large emphasis has been placed on virtual training from the sexual wellness brand, as they strive to support retailers in these challenging times.

Lovehoney Sales Manager Sabrina Earnshaw says “Providing online support to our customers and retailers is a big priority for us. Our first Facebook Live was so much fun and we are excited to carry out more training in this way due to the platform’s ability to speak to people in an intimate and engaging way.”

The sexual wellness brand are offering sessions tailored to individual needs and timezones, and can provide resources such as sales sheets and samples prior, so you can handle the product in real time, giving a better understanding of their benefits.

If you want to arrange your own online training session or have any questions, reach out to