Lovehoney’s top tips on supplying comprehensive POS materials

In an age where e-commerce shopping continues to rise at a rapid rate, an effective instore POS display can be beneficial for both retailers and brands alike. From helping your products stand out from competitors in a crowded shopping space to encouraging impulse buys in store to help boost sales, offering your distributors a comprehensive range of materials to pass onto retailers will help brick and mortar stores stay profitable.

Jade Bawa, Sales Executive at Lovehoney, has shared her top tips on supplying distributors with a comprehensive range of POS displays to help them stay successful:

Attract the customer’s attention – The main use of POS materials is to raise product awareness, catch attention and draw them towards your products in store. Make sure you’re using them effectively, and highlight any additional information that may boost sales even more, such as current promotions or unique selling points.
Supply a range of materials – POS shouldn’t just be about the branding around your product’s main stand in store, think of other places you could boost brand awareness to increase sales. For example, a small counter top display by the till, highlighting smaller products with a lower price point could encourage impulse buys.
Use engaging images – When designing POS, try to focus on imagery and visuals rather than words to avoid language barriers and appeal to a wide customer market.

Lovehoney supply ready-made, flat packed POS packs free of charge to all its distributors to pass onto customers – meaning they’re cost effective to ship. The packs come in a range of styles and formats to appeal to a global audience.
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